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GRID/CMS will try to update documents as their are opened. This results in a state of unsaved changes, and will prompt when leaving the document.

Hitting save will save the document with the latest schema applied.

Import / export

To quicky import your existing data or migrate your content to another project, GRID/CMS provieds very flexible import and export options.

This is only intented for migrating or bulk creating initial documents, and not to be used as a replacement of the editor.


By enabling exports in your config file, you get access to JSON & CSV exports of your documents.

Only documents currently filtered will be exported, meaning that both filters and potential search limites the export.


Objects and arrays will be flattend when exporting to CSV.


You can import documents just as easily but dragging a .CSV or .JSON file into the document column. Documents from the file will be imported to the active selected collection.

If an id is present GRID/CMS will try to update that document, or fallback to creating a new with the same ID. Otherwise a new document with an automatic ID is created.


Importing documents with empty fields will overwrite those fields with empty values.